How we work
We work in partnership with our clients to create retail strategies and environments that influence the rate which consumers engage with the brand.
What we do
We are experts in detecting in-store opportunities, make the most of it and maximize economic benefits such as key profitability ratios, average store ticket, stock rotation and brand positioning.
Why work with us
We believe that brands benefits from an external perspective, an experimented eye able to improve shopping experience and consequently, boost sales.

Founder and Retail Consultant


With more than 15  years experience in creating and improving brand image for premium & luxury brands WW, Lígia believes that retailers should benefit from an external perspective coming from an experimented eye that knows the field and its complexity. The goal is to offer to the consumer a better shopping experience, and consequently burst sales.

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Sometimes, all you need is expert advice that you can execute in-House. Book an appointment with Ligia.

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    Visual Merchandising

    Visual merchandising is the path to guide shoppers through your store and help them find what they are looking for. We are experts in organizing the main categories to promote within the shop, manipulating the way it looks and how the products are styled according to your retail strategy and objectives.
    Good looking equal good sales!

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    Retail Strategy


    We provide a tailor-made plan to reach and influence your target consumers.
    Are you opening a store, just want some professional input on a shop concept or giving a twist to yours? We can help you find the correct resources and next moves no matter in which stage your business is right now.

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    Store Planning & Design

    From a brand new shop design to a retail renovation, we will apply our six steps process when designing a store: Background, Strategy, Creation, Realisation, Implementation, Concept review and Finalisation.
    We love to embrace a brand’s DNA and translate it into a unique store which actually sells.

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    Project Management

    Coordination of existing retail plans, merchandising strategies and promotional activities in order to achieve your project objectives. We do all that it takes to turn your plan into reality in-store.


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